Destroy the stronghold of an ancient evil!

Conquer a gauntlet of minigames and make a clean getaway. Enjoy JRPG-inspired graphics with an unusual gameplay twist. You’re the Boss challenges you to master simple minigames to unlock new story and three unique endings.

You're The Boss is a submission to the Game Off 2022 game jam running from 11/1/22 to 12/1/22. 


Arrows/WASD - Move
Space/Mouse - Interact

Note - play in fullscreen or 100% browser zoom for best experience


Team Lead - Harrison Dunn
Programming - Alex Cornellier, Harrison Dunn
Art - Danny Cragg, Harrison Dunn
Writing - M
Music - John Praw, Jei
SFX -John Cornellier

All assets were created from scratch during Game Off 2022, except the introductory storm and fireball sfx, and a couple of the music tracks.

Special thanks to all our play testers:

Andrew Morgan, Bslapp, Corey Murphy, Drogdar1066, CTS, Fleur, Iconoclast, Jace Maverick, JArtis, Jiblob, Marco, Mary L, Phenikas, rockNturtle, Selket, Will Norton, Xan


Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Authorsacornellier, recentlydanny, hobgoblins, CFHM, wazadooba, _M_, John Praw
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tagsjam-game, minigames
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Fantastic work! Super addictive, love the concept, kinda cool how you get to be the boss. Mini games were really fun, although I never quite got the grasp of the fishing one... that one did me in a little. Great music, graphics are epic, and well done on top ranked. Played for the GitHub Game Off live stream:

Love your the concept! The mini games are very cool and I love the progression in difficulty.

What's the solution to the gold nightmare puzzle?

I am gonna break my mental sanity with nightmare breakout but I will prevail

Really fun and the ending was truly lovely
:, )

Cool game. Nice story and fun well balanced mini games.

fun game